Pro Basketball Player’s Secret Weapon To Rebuild Strong Ankles After Repeated Injuries w/ Maddie Garrick

Season #3

In this week's episode, Maddie Garrick, a professional basketball player, shares her journey as a basketballer and the toll that injuries have taken on her body. She discusses the importance of foot health and how focusing on foot strength and mobility has improved her performance and reduced pain. Maddie also highlights the need to de-stigmatize foot health and make it a priority for athletes of all ages. She emphasizes the benefits of simple foot exercises and the impact they can have on overall performance and well-being. In this conversation, Maddie discusses the importance of incorporating unstructured play into her training routine. She explains how unstructured play helps her maintain a balanced approach to the game and reminds her that it doesn't always have to be serious. Maddie also highlights the benefits of finding a flow state during her training sessions, which allows her to focus and enter a meditative zone. She emphasizes the two-for-one benefit of enjoyable, unstructured play that not only brings joy but also primes her body for future sessions. Additionally, Maddie shares her experience playing for a team in Italy and her plans for the future.

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